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 Car mats
Easy to clean
Digi-fit floor mats come with a protective, non-stick finish to make cleanup quick and easy.
 Car floor mats
Easy to wash
Surface for these floor mats keeps fluids on the liner and off your carpet protecting resale.
Automotive floor mats
Contains any spill
Digi-fit Floor Mats have high raised side walls to contain any spill.
3D mats
Anti skid
Digi-fit all-Weather Floor Mats also have anti-skid nib pad to prevent mat shifting in your vehicle.

Digi-fit premium car floor mats are precision engineered to fit a wide variety of vehicles. They are made of heavy duty polymers and the most durable, functional, cost effective and stylish designs in the market today. Digi-fit floor mats provide all-weather protection withstanding water, mud, chemicals and also feature a unique anti-skid surface with a nib pad fixed under the driver side mat , keeping the mat in place.

Digi-fit all-weather floor mats give the best possible protection for your vehicle floor. While other mats in the market are meant to be the best possible fit , Digi-fit mat applications are vehicle specific. The protective non-stick finish of the mats and the raised side walls keep fluids, mud and sand off your vehicle carpet. Our mats made of engineered thermoplastic so they will not curl or crack and are also odorless

Digi-fit mats are available in black and tan to complement car interior color.
Please take your old floor mats out before installing Digi-fit floor mats.
Trunk mats available for all the car models listed

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